The Glom Tho Gala

Hello, if your reading this holosite right now it means you have been invited to the Glom Tho Gala. An invitation was sent to your faction leadership or to you directly. After a certain amount of time this page will be posted publicly in case we missed anyone.


Glom Tho is a mostly tropical jungle planet, situated in the west of the galaxy. Crimson Dawn, the government of Glom Tho, is hosting the Glom Tho Gala. Crimson Dawn guarantees the safety of all visitors traveling to Glom Tho for the Gala. The following mini events will take place

  • Droid Expo
  • 3 Legged Gonk Race
  • Hunting Expedition
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Auctions
  • Meet and Greet
  • Free Gifts for coming INCLUDING a special edition Gnk Power Droid custom made for this years Gala only

For Diplomatic Tickets, their will be embassy channels set up to meet with your faction heads or group of factions and speak on diplomatic terms

Nothing really is planned that would put anyone in danger, such as room combat, we want this to be a fun event for as much of the community as we can. For a list of banned factions see below in the Other Questions section.


Their are 2 types of ticket available. The first tier of ticket is a DIPLOMATIC TICKET and is only for following types of person

  • Faction Leadership
  • High Command Members
  • or
  • Other designated diplomatic personnel
  • and
  • their personal security detachment whose role is solely to protect and not engage in the event

If you do not meet the above criteria, then you should select STANDARD TICKET

Please note the ticketing platform we use requires you provide an email. use a fictitious email if you have any privacy concerns however you wont get your cool virtual ticket or updates via email, please ignore the country of origin, put anything you like there that the site will accept, these are built in fields of the ticketing software we cannot remove

. We do need your SWC handle in the name field, as well as your faction. The reason we ask this information

  • We need you name to give you shield clearance
  • We need your name to give you free stuff for coming out
  • We need your faction to identify if you are a security concern to Glom Tho or the other visitors attending

If you do not feel comfortable providing these details, you probably wont have a good time at Glom Tho


Standard Ticket FAQ

Q: I can only register one ticket but their are more of us, what do we do?
A: Each sentient must register an individual ticket, or have one in their name. This allows us to plan gifts for you, have an idea of turnout, secure the event, and provide security shield clearance to each individual.

Q: Why do you need to know what faction I am with?
A: We need to know your faction to ensure you should even be here, we have prepared a list of factions and have decided which ones will be invited and which ones will not be. Our road to success was not simple, and those that held us back are not likely to be welcome. Exceptions exist to every rule, and we will consider your ticket application either way and let you know. We also need this information in case you represent your faction poorly, such as by committing theft while on Glom Tho.

Q: What do you mean by “we will consider your ticket application”?
A: The ticketing system, while granting you a virtual ticket to the event, does not in itself permit your access to the event. Crimson Dawn will contact you after you get your ticket with a final verdict regarding your status. In some cases we may have additional questions.

Q: Are you harvesting my data? Can I lie?
A: While the ticketing software collects some basic data, such as your handle, email etc, you can falsify information you don’t feel comfortable answering. However for the above stated reasons, your handle and current faction are mandatory. Those found to be answering these questions in a fraudulent capacity will be denied entry to the event. We ‘could’ make a database with this information, quite frankly I don’t care to. its not what we are about. If you have a faction logo in your avatar what are you really worried about?

Q: What can I bring, what should I bring?
A: You of course, npcs and droids, creatures that are necessary to your rp, however we request that you not bring excessive numbers to prevent lag. You should bring a ship capable to traveling to the surface, capable of carrying some free stuff . Bring supplies you need as well to go hunting.

Q: Once I am approved by Crimson Dawn, can my tickets be revoked?
A: Yes, we reserve the right to end your trip to Glom Tho at anytime if you violate our laws and customs, furthermore you are expected to treat all sentient’s at the event, regardless of affiliation, with dignity and respect while visiting. Respect of others is a core tenant of our philosophy, and our wisdom is that you will be thrown out on your head otherwise! Zero Tolerance.

Q: How do I learn about the laws and customs of Glom Tho?
A: Unlike most governments, while we casually use the term Law for the ease of outsiders, we refer to laws as “Justified Acts and Unjustified Acts”. Theft for instance is considered an Unjustified act in itself, however the Tribunal may decide it was a Justified Act if say the victim is guilty of scamming you and you were recovering stolen assets. Their are exceptions to all rules. Regardless, guests visiting Glom Tho should adhere to our laws and customs, as well as their home factions/planets regulations on criminal behaviors.

Additionally, we expect civility and politeness while visiting.


Q: I have security staff who accompany me, what do I need to know?
A: Diplomatic Guests are of course to be protected, and those who bring their own security detail are welcome, be they people or droids, (NPCS OR PCS). If they require shield access, we need to know about them. While we recognize these persons will be working to protect you and others in your entourage, we still want to give them some gifts for coming.

Q: I am a faction leader and want to bring my 2ic and 3ic, can I just order the tickets for them in one shot?
A: Yes, list their names in the ticket request system, you can get 5 tickets on the diplomatic pass to include yourself and your entourage (player characters) who plan to attend. Other members of your faction who are not high command or otherwise classified by you as a diplomat or security personnel for your visit should get Standard Tickets.

Q: Tell me about the diplomacy/embassy channels?
A: We will set up a channel just for you and your other diplomatic persons, security staff will not be included in this. Here we can discuss our relations, our future, and so on. This can be as simple a meeting or as complex as the meeting calls for.


Q: Can I set up a vendor?
A: The short answer is yes, however you require a permit. Permits are available by contacting Xanxus Drol. We can provide cargo containers, we ask that you be set up prior to the event. It is an Unjustified Action to set up vendor without proper permit, enforcement personnel are authorized to use force for removal if need be.

Q: Can I sell stuff on Glom Tho?
A: After the event concludes shield access will be revoked, we are telling you flat out not to leave anything behind you wish to access again. Orbit of GT is a fine place to sell most assets from, or the surface provided it will be gone before the event ends.

Q: Whats the Discord?
A: The Temple Of Glom Tho

Q: Whats a 3 legged Gonk race?
A: Everyone who wants to participate must bring a gonk droid from one part of the city to another, whoever gets to the custom items designating first, second, and third place will win prizes. its a mad scramble across the city and you all go the same speed! 🙂

Q: Can I bring droids to the expo to show off?
A: Absolutely, we encourage it!

Q: My faction is on the below list of banned factions, can I appeal?
A: Their is always room for diplomacy and if said faction wants to engage in it, we welcome it… however its our opinion they probably do not. While we may like certain people who roll with particular factions, if you are on the below list you are probably are not going to be allowed in.

Blue Star DominionCriminal Actions, Blacklisting Crimson Dawn, Hostile Government

Confederacy of Independent Systems
Disrespectful diplomatic actions, Blacklisting Crimson Dawn
Eidola PiratesEmbraces Scam culture, Piracy

Disrespectful diplomatic actions, Blacklisting Crimson Dawn
Rebel AllianceDisrespectful diplomatic actions, Disregard of stated laws
The Faerytail FamilyHostile Government
Echuu Shen JonStaging military assets against Glom Tho, terrorism