Help Sponsor The Glom Tho Gala

The Glom Tho Gala, while generally a celebration of all things Glom Tho… well lets put it like this, we have room to share the limelight. If you would like to advertise your faction or nfg or otherwise, you can donate prizes for our various contests and events! Sponsoring is a great way for the community to feel your presence!

Sponsoring the Glom Tho Gala presents a prime opportunity for businesses/factions to boost their brand visibility and connect with a lively, engaged audience. By donating prizes, sponsors will receive advertising at the event, including mentions in promotional materials, media, and prominent placement during the gala itself. The event promises to attract a diverse group of attendees through exciting features such as the Droid Expo, interactive scavenger hunts, and various engaging activities, ensuring sponsors’ brands are seen and appreciated by a broad and enthusiastic audience.

Interstellar Parcel Service

For more information, please visit The Glom Tho Gala.

To Sponsor or to discuss Sponsorship, please contact Xanxus Drol