Heralding Peace In The Most Trying of Times

While the Son-Tuul Pride celebrates its victories in the Morobe sector, Crimson Dawn has other ideas. High Priest Xanxus Drol, who interprets and speaks on matters of faith, has made it clear that trade is a holy act, and has denounced the Son-Tuul Prides assaults on numerous CIS affiliated vendors as well as at least one Blue Star vendor.

Xanxus Drol had this to say to the press at Glom Tho, “Of all people, we have a strong animosity to Blue Star, but we do not condone these attacks, nor this methodology of accomplishing ones goals.” Xanxus paused before continuing “There is a place and time for violence, we find it not to be during trade.”

Xanxus called for the people of Glom Tho to come out in force, for a candlelight vigil for the deaths of several merchants and other personnel, including but not limited to a Troikia Medical merchant. The deaths come as Son-Tuul Pride wages war against One Nation Under Jou in the greater Morobe region.

Son-Tuul Pride, like Crimson Dawn, was granted independence recently from the Zann Consortium Government, and while Crimson Dawn describes itself as allies with Son-Tuul Pride, it is clear that the actions taken are not supported by the religious group.

“They are following their way, we are following ours, and ours is such that we are commanded by The Many Gods to look down upon these killings and we will do our part to affect change so they stop happening” Xanxus said at the vigil