Facility Management

With our expertise in multiple sectors of business, we are able to provide management services for Religious and Trade facilities as well as Medical, allow us to handle the business operations for you. We pay out your Facility Income (FI) weekly in most cases, less a 10% fee which we keep for our side of the deal.

To get started, simply assign your facilities to the corresponding faction listed below, no communication necessary

Religious Facilities such as Chapels, Churches, Cathedrals and Temples can be assigned to Crimson Dawn

Trade Facilities such as ATMs, Banks, Casinos and Starports can be assigned to Crimson Dawn

Hospitals Can be managed by Crimson Dawn

Commerce Centers do not make FI, and are instead used for Market Access, you may loan us your Commerce Center or sell it to us

Do you have an FI operator? Xanxus Drol is skill level 5 FI operator operating over 25,000 facilities across the galaxy. Simply assign your facilities to Xanxus Drol to make Max FI every week!