Crimson Dawn is the main faction of the “Temple” faction group. The religious faction owns Divine Extractions and Glom Tho Mechanicals. Crimson Dawn controls the planet Glom Tho I and the asteroid colony Souns Rest.

The Temple Group of factions was founded by, and is owned and operated by Xanxus Drol

Crimson Dawn is overseen by Shall “Swangles” Ti and Crimson Dawn acts as the head of the faction group. Trade is a holy affair, and so Crimson Dawn acts more like a corporation then a religion, handling all the groups financials and being the center of operations.

Divine Extractions is overseen by Xyre “Sox” Vindictus and handles all the mining infrastructure for the group. Divine Extractions initially sought relics in the asteroid fields, having found those the group has focused on other things however charged with new purpose… to mine the asteroids and keep the group flush with materials.

Glom Tho Mechanicals is overseen by Zaala “Scrap” O`Kessa and believes it is creating life through droids. the Droid Specialty manufacturer primarily produces droids but dabbles in other computerized hardware such as GPS Units and Electronic Lock Breakers.



Glom Tho is located in the Glom Tho system of Hevvrol Sector and its entire surface is warmed by the system sun. Yet that warmth is not sufficient to thaw the planet’s polar ice caps, which remain impenetrable throughout the solar year.

The planet’s equator is hot and humid and wrapped in thick jungles. Beneath their vaulted canopies lay heady, dark worlds, insulated from the sun’s heat. Venturing through them is a tedious endeavor that many prospectors have undertaken, only to find themselves defeated by the flora’s sheer density. Locked within the planet’s burgeoning jungle is a swampland that geologists believe is nestled within a dormant caldera. Vents beneath the brackish water and thick peat-layer release gases that mingle with the planet’s air to produce a unique aroma that has been well-documented. Indeed, some species have found it intoxicating, while those with less discriminating olfactory organs have been known to faint when within a kilometer of the area.

Several harsh volcanic terrains are found across the surface of Glom Tho. These slow-moving lava flows are often frequented by visitors who come to view the undulating, black surfaces formed as the molten rock cools and hardens against the ocean. The soil beneath much of the planet’s fertile grasslands was this same surface at one time in the planet’s history, and many farmers have likewise sought to take advantage of it. Most, however, import their seeds and livestock from offworld, and many environmentalists have grown concerned that such practices will inevitably contaminate the native ecosystem on rampant display in Glom Tho’s jungles.


Souns Rest is an asteroid colony providing housing for miners and services for passing ships in the area as a waystation. The Colony site was founded year 24. The colony is still under development