Vendor Locations

Crimson Dawn, Divine Extractions and Glom Tho Mechanicals will sell there wares at various stations and other locations throughout the galaxy. The following list is for PUBLIC Vendors, you may sponsor a vendor at your location publicly OR non public.

PUBLIC means anyone can access the Vendor

NON PUBLIC means its meant for a select audience, IE Your faction wants a vendor for its members to use but restricts access to the location

All vendors are owned by Crimson Dawn, and include wares manufactured by Glom Tho Mechanicals and Divine Extractions. Vendor stock images are not constant and may be out of date. Each Vendor has a link to Cedrons Vendor Holonet which shows the current wares in stock!

When you click the Vendor Holonet links, it will default to asking you to login in with the SWC API if you are not already recently logged in, do this and then use the links on our site to go right to the Vendor pages.

Public Locations


Froz System, Corellian Sector, Shipyard IV Unnamed Armorments
SPONSORED by Unnamed Manufacturing

Shipyard IV Unnamed Armorments (#16374)
Room: Docking Port
Sector: Corellian
System: Froz (78, -10)
Planet Orbit: Froz III (17, 6)
See The Vendor Holonet for current wares


Nimban right outside the starport

Sector: Hutt Space
System: Nimban (340, 60)
Planet: Nimban (10, 6)
City: Nelvaan (8, 2)
Ground: (16, 9)

See The Vendor Holonet for current wares


Tatooine right outside the stadium

Sector: Arkanis
System: Tatoo (296, -248)
Planet: Tatooine (6, 12)
City: Mos Espa Grand Arena (9, 8)
Ground: (8, 12)

See The Vendor Holonet for current wares


Vaxal System, Calia Sector, located at the public trading station {THC} Lu Mi Lowe (OPEN) Trade Port. SPONSORED BY THE HUTT CARTEL

[OPEN] Lu Mi Lowe Trade Port (#20313)
Room: Docking Port
Sector: Callia
System: Vaxal (87, -92)
Planet Orbit: Irfan C (8, 15)
See The Vendor Holonet for current wares and prices


The Merchantates -TLI- (2:3148097)
See where the Merchantates is located currently or find out more by clicking the link.

See The Vendor Holonet for current wares and prices