Customs and Law

In Crimson Dawn territory, we have various customs and regulations like any other place you might travel to in the galaxy. We do not call them laws, instead referring to them as “Justified Actions” and “Unjustified Actions”

A Justified Action or Just Act, is an action taken that is allowable due to circumstance or special privilege that would otherwise be considered ‘wrong’. For instance a firefighter is privileged and may use a siren to bypass other speeders and and vehicles, the average person must obey the traffic patterns. Another example, Tomas steals your landspeeder, you cant get it back but you can take their bacta tank crates, so Tomas cries to the Templar, and they come to arrest you. The Tribunal may find this to be a Justified Action on your part, making Tomas the actual guilty party because he stole initially. It is important to understand that The Tribunal must decide that its a Justified Action. This manner of justice stems from a time where law enforcement did not exist, and locals were left to deal with matters on their own. It is an old way, made more civilized by Crimson Dawns reputation and authority before the people of Glom Tho.

A Unjustified Action or Unjust Act, is an action taken that is considered ‘wrong’ either by the government (Crimson Dawn) or by society in general. An example of a Unjustified Action would be stealing your friends landspeeder because you wanted to go to the vendor mall.

How Our Legal System Works

Criminal actions are not set in stone, this is why in many jurisdictions across the galaxy a court of law presides over the legal system to decide the outcome of complex cases. The Crimson Council acts as a Tribunal in cases too complex for immediate ruling or if requested. The Tribunal will hear both parties in the dispute and weigh the facts of the case. It is the right of all sentients to stand before the Tribunal, and the decided outcome and resolution must be adhered to.

A representative may assist you in your case before the Tribunal, akin to a lawyer in other jurisdictions. This can be anyone of the sentients choosing.

Templar or other authority may deem an individual guilty of Unjustified Action, and take appropriate enforcement action to neutralize threats to the safety and security of Glom Tho and Crimson Dawn Territory. This enforcement action should be in proportion and scope to the threat in question. While they may deem an individual guilty, it does not solidify guilt, only the Tribunal can decide that ultimately. That is why innocent parties wishing to stay in good standing should always cooperate with enforcement authorities.


The Tribunal may decide at will that new actions not on this list are unjustified in the interest of public safety

  • Theft is a punishable offense – includes petty theft (value under 1,000,000 cr) theft (value 1,000,001 to 10,000,000 cr) and grand theft (in excesses of 10,000,001)
  • Scamming is a punishable offense in addition to theft charges
  • Vandalism of property is a punishable offense
  • Assault on another sentient outside of training situations is a punishable offense
  • Sexual Misconducts are a punishable offense
  • Species Trafficking includes but is not limited to kidnapping, slave trade, and similar offenses
  • Racism/Speciesism and other bigotry is a punishable offense
  • Murder of another sentient is a punishable offense
  • Espionage is a punishable offense

Special Considerations

Droids of a Semi Self Aware and Self Aware capacity are considered sentient beings In Crimson Dawn Territory, as ordered by High Priest Xanxus Drol.

Manumissioned Droids registered with Crimson Dawn are considered full citizens of Glom Tho and Crimson Dawn territories

Slavery is banned in Crimson Dawn territory, with some exemptions

  • Slaves legally purchased in a territory outside of Crimson Dawn that allows slavery, for instance you bought slaves from Drup, and came to Glom Tho to pick up a shipment of droid parts. We will not seize your “property” while you are visiting. It is however considered Species Trafficing to sell or transfer ownership of the slave while in our territory.
  • Debt Slaves, Sentients who owed so much debt they sold themselves into service for a certain amount of time. Their are regulations regarding this, the time must be in proportion to minimum wage at 1.5 the rate, and certain conditions such as housing and medical care are charges the contract owner must uphold to some standard.

Npcs, especially Lost Souls, are considered to be sentient (along with player characters) and some droids.

Bounty Hunters with valid contracts may have valid claims, to be decided by the Tribunal