Haor Chall Terror Cell Dismantled After Decline of CIS Relations

Hevvrol>Glom Tho>Glom Tho 1> In the town of Sundown, an old abandoned Rudic mining operation was swept by authorities after Crimson Dawn identified several long term residents from Kalarba with ties to the Infidel Echuu Shen-Jon, had set up a base of operations in the mine, which had been dry for years and was scheduled for demolition. This “gaggle” of people had set up what authorities can only describe as a terrorist base with weapons stockpiles and attack plans for domestic terrorism in Glom Tho as well as Soun’s Rest.

Haor Chall Engineering is the front faction for Echuu Shen-Jon, an Infidel who has stepped against the people of Glom Tho on numerous occasions that have been let go up until now do to diplomatic immunity. According to Crimson Dawn, with the Confederacies less then friendly attitude at this time such restrictions no longer apply.

When work crews overseen by the Department of Mineral Gifts came to clear the building, they were met with force by the Kalarbians who threatened force and brandished weapons. They had tattoos of the Haor Chall Logo, their is no doubt to authorities of their guilt.

Daimyo High Priest Xanxus Drol responded to the situation personally, bringing with him a small contingent of Destroyer Droids and Aak Dogs. Just this morning before approaching the mine, the High Priest delivered a powerful sermon calling out CIS and HCE for their transgressions against the people of Glom Tho.

Today’s Sermon is about fighting false accusations and about the Confederacy of Independent Systems transgressions against our kindness, we are commanded by The Many Gods to defend our name. TMG does not often command us to do anything, but it angers and offends The Many Gods when sentients are held unjustly to things they are not guilty of.TMG compels us to speak in truths and not falsehoods.

When the CIS were attacked by Son Tuul Pride, I was asked to set up a sit down as a neutral moderator by CIS, CIS’s own diplomat derailed the talks and were insulting to the other party. When CIS vendors were slain, we held a candle light vigil and spoke publicly in this very temple against STP (our friends) actions, because we did not agree with them and they went against our faith generally, although we do recognize the wants of M’dweshuu.

So now that we have made these moves in friendship apparently with some of CIS but not all, CIS has falsely accused us, they have blacklisted us, and they have offended The Many Gods, TMG collectively was furious, as this is a prime insult… to have stood on their side and been slapped in the face so carelessly.

CIS is so blinded by revenge for things we had nothing to do with, that it wont even have talks of peace with us, so be it, it is their mistake. The people of Glom Tho and otherwise who follow our faith will not be bullied into submission by “the big neutral government” who are really less neutral then we are apparently at Crimson Dawn. These insults cannot be left unchecked. We will not be pushed so easily nor do we fear.

We are commanded to stand up for ourselves, you stand tall or not at all, and TMG does not merely sit around in the face of adversity and yawn…

To refuse our diplomats and blacklist us, we know what you want, and we are coming to give it to you. Actions have consequence.. I label the Confederacy of Independent Systems as enemy of Crimson Dawn on this day publicly, by their own actions, and now we will take our own actions. If The Many Gods wish peace in the future, CIS may contact the diplomats they turned away.

Furthermore, the infidel Echuu Shen-Jon can no longer hide behind diplomatic immunity as CIS has proven we are not friends. Haor Chall Engineering and Echuu, The Many Gods wraith starts with you, you who took my now 2ic’s light saber as a young force user almost a decade ago because he was supposedly not wise enough to hold it, who mistreated and abused their people,and who stages warships against Glom Tho during peacetime. We have allowed your transgressions long enough, a disgusting figure in the galaxy we will cleanse.

As an infidel, Haor Chall Engineering’s people should be liberated, and its combatants, if any, who lift arms against us slain without mercy, for in times of war we ask the darker Gods like M’dweshuu to favor us over our adversaries. Fighting the Infidel is a blessed actvity. WE will bring forth to freedom those who put down their weapons, for they follow their idol blind to our truth, one which they may come to see.

We have been too peaceful for too long, that the bigger fish wish to gobble us up now… no, we will fight back the tides. The warrior spirit rides with us now. Praise be to Them

The Temple HoloServer

The Sermon was delivered virtually via the Temple Holoserver, Crimson Dawns main communication channel with the people of not only Glom Tho but the galaxy at large. The sermon took place at Year 25 Day 104 at 700 hours Galactic Standard Time. The raid on the mine took place shortly after the decree of infidel status.

The terrorists were executed by the Aak dogs and left to rot in the mine, set to be demolished. “Echuu’s malicious intent has always been clear, with his war ships he stages on the borders of Glom Tho System, and his monitoring satellites, and just as tensions are heating up, we find these infidels plotting in an old mine! They wished to make their position clear, so shall we.” said Xanxus to reporters as he left Sundown.