PRESS RELEASE: Nimban Vendor Now Open

Year 24 Day 97
Glom Tho Mechanicals, one of the newer droid manufacturers in the galaxy, has recently announced the opening of a new vendor on the planet Nimban. The vendor, located in the heart of Nimban’s bustling market district just outside the starport, will offer a wide variety of droids and other goods such as GPS units and Electronic Lock Breakers for customers on the planet.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our presence on Nimban,” said Glom Tho Mechanicals owner, Xanxus Drol. “Nimban is a vibrant and growing market, and we are excited to be a part of it. We look forward to providing the people of Nimban with high-quality droids and other goods that will help them in their daily lives.”

The new vendor will feature a range of droids, from their line of GNK Power Droids and T-Series Tactical Droids to their new R2 series astromech droids. In addition to droids, the vendor will also offer a variety of other goods, including tools, droid parts, and accessories. Because Crimson Dawn is the parent company of Glom Tho Mechanicals, the vendor will be owned by Crimson Dawn.

“Glom Tho Mechanicals has a big following thanks to our Gonk Commercials on Nova Network and other advertising channels” said Glom Tho Mechanicals’ Head Droidsmith Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa. “With our new vendor on Nimban, we are excited to bring our expertise and experience to a new market and continue to provide the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.”

Glom Tho Mechanicals while a newer company in the scheme of things has become known for its commitment to quality and customer service, and the company has a reputation for quality. The opening of the new vendor on Nimban is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its reach and provide its products to customers in new and exciting markets. This will be the furthest east the company has pushed.

For more information about Glom Tho Mechanicals and its products, visit their Holosite or contact their sales team directly.

The shop is located at
Sector: Hutt Space
System: Nimban (340, 60)
Planet: Nimban (10, 6)
City: Nelvaan (8, 2)
Ground: (16, 9)