Crimson Dawn Presents Lantillies Travel Plaza:Now Open, Trade and Research Hub

[Hevvrol, Glom Tho, Glom Tho 1] – Crimson Dawn, a leading force in the galactic commerce landscape, is thrilled to introduce the Lantillies “Travel Plaza.” This innovative establishment is a testament to our dedication to fostering prosperity, trade, and knowledge sharing throughout the galaxy.

About The Lantillies Travel Plaza:

The Lantillies “Travel Plaza” is not your typical space station, in fact, its two stations; it’s a pioneering concept designed to redefine the way we approach commerce and research. Merging the best of both worlds, this facility combines a cutting-edge Trade Station with a state-of-the-art Research Station, offering a one-of-a-kind space where trade, innovation, and community flourish.

Key Features:

  1. Trade Opportunities: Access the NPC Market
  2. Research and Discovery: Upload your hyperlane data
  3. Vendor Integration: Check out our Crimson Dawn Vendor, the main vendor on the Trade Station sells all our products, while the secondary vendor on the Research Station sells a more limited stock including our R2 Astromechs. Want to set up a vendor, the more the merrier contact Xanxus Drol to set up.
  4. Galactic Connectivity: Conveniently located at the crossroads of major trade routes, the Lantillies Travel Plaza ensures easy access for travelers from every corner of the galaxy. Whether you’re a business owner or an inquisitive researcher, this facility welcomes you with open arms.

A Vision for the Future:

At Crimson Dawn, we envision the Lantillies Travel Plaza as a beacon of cooperation and ingenuity. It represents our commitment to the galactic community. This is not just another space station; it’s a symbol of our dedication to making the galaxy a better place for all.

More Travel Plazas are in development, news to follow

Crimson Dawn Announces Construction of Research Station in Lantillies System, Expanding Services to Galactic Travelers

In an exciting development for the Lantillies system, Crimson Dawn, a renowned syndicate operating across the galaxy, has revealed plans to construct a cutting-edge Research Station to complement its existing trading station. This expansion marks Crimson Dawn’s commitment to advancing scientific exploration and technological advancements in the region.

The Research Station, set to be a hub of innovation, will offer a range of services to galactic travelers and explorers. One of the key features of the station will be its capability to allow individuals to upload hyperlane data. This exciting new offering will enable the pooling and sharing of invaluable information on hyperlane routes, facilitating safer and more efficient space travel for all.

In collaboration with Glom Tho Mechanicals, a sub corporation of Crimson Dawn and manufacturer of droid technology, Crimson Dawn will also provide visitors with the opportunity to purchase state-of-the-art R2 Astromech droids. These droids, renowned for their astrogation and navigational expertise, will be a valuable asset to spacefarers seeking reliable companions for their journeys through the cosmos.

“We are thrilled to unveil our plans for the Research Station in the Lantillies system,” declared Xanxus Drol, leader of Crimson Dawn. “Our goal is to provide goods and services to the traveler, and many travelers are also amateur Hyperlane scientists themselves who need to upload the data and their findings. We see the addition of this station to our Lantillies branch of operations to be the right step in providing amenities to the public.”

The Lantillies system was chosen for this expansion due to its strategic location and unrestricted zoning laws, making it a vital waypoint for interstellar trade and exploration. Crimson Dawn’s existing trading station has already garnered a reputation for providing high-quality services and facilitating prosperous business ventures. Nearby, friendly neighbor Hyper Gate has a hub, and the region has attracted several trading companies to provide market access. Xanxus was quoted as saying “We are actually the newcomer in Lantilles, but none of these groups care to dual wield and provide research access in addition to market access.”

With the introduction of the Research Station, Crimson Dawn aims to cultivate a thriving scientific community in the Lantillies system, attracting researchers, explorers, and entrepreneurs from across the galaxy. This endeavor will foster an environment of collaboration and discovery, driving forward advancements in space exploration and technology.

Construction of the Research Station is set to commence in the coming week, with completion expected within 2 months. Crimson Dawn invites all interested parties to stay tuned for further updates and the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the Lantillies system.

As Crimson Dawn expands its presence in the Lantillies system, it cements its role as a key player in both trade and scientific endeavors. The Research Station promises to be a beacon of progress and innovation, and will be equipped with a Crimson Dawn Vendor selling everything from new Astromechs to Gonk Droids.