Manumissioned Droids in Glom Tho’s City of Khont: Half of The Residents Are Droids

Glom Tho, Planet Glom Tho – In a groundbreaking societal shift, the city of Khont on the planet Glom Tho has become a hub for manumissioned droids, offering them the opportunity to work common jobs in exchange for credits. This paradigm-shifting initiative is redefining the concept of labor in the galaxy and fostering a unique integration between droids and organic beings.

Manumission, the process of granting freedom and civil rights to droids, has gained widespread momentum across the planet Glom Tho. In the city of Khont, manumissioned droids are now able to participate in the workforce, taking up common jobs that range from customer service roles to skilled craftsmanship. Manumissioned droids are a protected class of citizen on the planet Glom Tho, and their are already government (Crimson Dawn) programs designed to accommodate them with housing and service/repair in exchange for labor.

“We believe that manumissioned droids are capable of making meaningful contributions to society,” stated Laria Vos, the visionary mayor of Khont. “Through this initiative, we are creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, leveraging the unique skills and talents that droids possess.”

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is the desire to challenge preconceptions about droids and their place in the workforce. By embracing the idea of manumission and offering equal opportunities to all sentient beings, the city of Khont is fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect among its inhabitants.

The program has received resounding support from citizens and businesses alike. Organic and droid employees are reporting positive experiences working alongside each other, finding the partnership to be both rewarding and enriching.

“The manumissioned droids bring a level of efficiency and precision to our workforce that is truly remarkable,” said Caden Voss, the owner of a Khont-based manufacturing firm. “Their contributions have elevated our productivity and bolstered our reputation for delivering top-quality products.”

The success of this pioneering initiative has sparked discussions in neighboring planets and systems, with many looking to Glom Tho as an example of progressive coexistence between organics and droids. As the project continues to evolve, Glom Tho’s city of Khont aims to be a trailblazer in shaping a future where manumissioned droids play an integral role in society, embracing a world where sentient beings of all kinds unite in common purpose.