Glom Tho Mechanicals Completes First Wave of ASP-707 Droids, Offering Revolutionary Construction Solutions for Space Stations and Ground Facilities


Glom Tho Mechanicals Completes First Wave of ASP-707 Droids, Offering Revolutionary Construction Solutions for Space Stations and Ground Facilities

[Glom Tho 1, Glom Tho System, Hevvrol Sector] – Glom Tho Mechanicals, a subsidiary of the esteemed religious/industrial conglomerate Crimson Dawn, proudly announces the successful completion of its first wave of ASP-707 droids. These highly versatile humanoid labor droids, produced in collaboration with Hyper Gate, are now being shipped to vendor locations across the galaxy, heralding a new era of construction automation.

Renowned as expert Droidsmiths, Glom Tho Mechanicals continues to push the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. Through a strategic partnership with Hyper Gate, the esteemed owners of the ASP-707 droid schematics, Glom Tho Mechanicals has skillfully manufactured these cutting-edge labor droids to meet the rising demand for reliable and autonomous construction solutions.

“The completion of the first wave of ASP-707 droids marks a significant milestone for Glom Tho Mechanicals,” said Xanxus Drol. “We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary labor force to the market, offering unparalleled efficiency and safety in space station and ground facility construction.”

The ASP-707 droids, equipped with state-of-the-art features, redefine the concept of construction labor. Built with robust unpolished metal exteriors, exposed joints, and hydraulics, these droids excel in demanding environments, ensuring durability and reliability during the construction process.

With their heavy-duty graspers, the ASP-707 droids possess exceptional strength and precision, effortlessly handling crates weighing up to 200 kilograms. This capability, combined with their padded treads for enhanced traction, allows them to navigate various terrains with ease, making them ideal for both space station and ground facility construction projects.

What sets the ASP-707 droids apart is their advanced sensory and cognitive abilities. Sporting a single photoreceptor for vision and an audio receptor for auditory perception, these droids possess remarkable situational awareness. Their sophisticated droid brains enable them to execute complex construction tasks efficiently while adhering to safety protocols.

The partnership between Glom Tho Mechanicals and Hyper Gate has harnessed the synergistic expertise of both organizations. Under the Crimson Dawn umbrella, the parent company ensures that each ASP-707 droid produced by Glom Tho Mechanicals meets the highest quality and innovation standards.

“We believe that the ASP-707 droids will revolutionize the construction industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety,” added Xanxus Drol. “Glom Tho Mechanicals remains committed to pushing the boundaries of droid manufacturing, driving progress and automation across sectors.”

Glom Tho Mechanicals’ first wave of ASP-707 droids is currently being shipped to trusted vendor locations across the galaxy and are expected to be commonly available by the Fall of this year.

About Glom Tho Mechanicals: Glom Tho Mechanicals, a subsidiary of Crimson Dawn, is a renowned Droidsmith known for its expertise in manufacturing advanced droids for various industries. Committed to innovation and efficiency, Glom Tho Mechanicals consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and automation.

About Hyper Gate: Hyper Gate is a leading technology company holding the rights to the innovative ASP-707 droid schematics. The company is known for its I-Beam starfighter but holds all sorts of patents and is a very diverse company owned and operated by Carlo Constantine.