The Order of Dawn

Ideology and Beliefs:
We, the Order of Dawn, are a unique sub-faction within Crimson Dawn. Our beliefs are rooted in a blend of pragmatism and spiritualism, emphasizing the worship of The Many Gods—deities revered in our culture as the patrons of trade and prosperity. While we are part of the syndicate, we follow our distinct creed, which sets us apart from the main faction.

We identify as a neutral force order. Unlike traditional Jedi or Sith, we do not see the Force as the singular or most important aspect of existence. Instead, we perceive it as one of many tools at our disposal, a tool gifted to certain individuals by The Many Gods. Some may believe that the more faithful are given this gift, but in reality, this is not something that can be earned. Each individual is chosen. This pragmatic approach allows us to harness the Force without becoming overly reliant on it or adhering strictly to the dogmas of balance or domination.
For us, the Force is akin to a skilled artisan’s toolkit: valuable and potent, but not the sole focus of our abilities. This perspective encourages a balanced use of all our skills and resources, integrating the Force seamlessly with other tools, strategies, and technologies, such as a lightsaber.

Role of the Lightsaber:
The lightsaber holds no special reverence for us. It is seen purely as a weapon, a means to an end, rather than a symbol of identity or power. We are trained in its use but are equally skilled with a variety of other weapons and techniques, reflecting our belief in versatility and adaptability.

Training and Practices:
Our training is rigorous and diverse. Initiates are taught to be versatile warriors, proficient in combat, strategy, and various forms of manipulation and negotiation. Our training regime includes:

  • Trade and Negotiation: Skills in trade, diplomacy, and manipulation, reflecting our worship of The Many Gods and our emphasis on commerce and prosperity.
  • Force Utilization: Practical applications of the Force in combat, espionage, and daily life, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Combat Training: Mastery of multiple weapons, unarmed combat techniques, and battlefield tactics.
  • Cultural Studies: Understanding of various galactic cultures and languages to enhance our roles as negotiators and spies.

Structure and Hierarchy:
We operate under a council of elders, each a master of different disciplines, ensuring a balanced approach to leadership. This council reports directly to the Crimson Dawn leadership, some of whom are in both, but we retain autonomy in matters concerning our order.

Members are not restricted in clothing choice. Many often incorporate elements that reflect reverence for The Many Gods. Our attire is practical yet symbolic, often adorned with insignias or patterns that represent our patron deities.

The Order’s primary goal is to advance the interests of Crimson Dawn through trade, espionage, and strategic alliances. We aim to spread the influence of The Many Gods, leveraging our unique skills to navigate the complex political and economic landscapes of the galaxy. By forging and maintaining alliances, manipulating markets, and gathering intelligence, we seek to elevate our standing within Crimson Dawn and extend our reach across the galaxy.

In Summary:
We, the Order of Dawn within Crimson Dawn, stand as a testament to the power of versatility and pragmatism. By viewing the Force as a tool among many, we embody a unique blend of spirituality and practicality, making us a formidable and unpredictable force in the galaxy. Our dedication to The Many Gods and our multifaceted approach to conflict and diplomacy ensure that we remain an influential and adaptable entity within the ever-shifting landscape of galactic politics.