A Modern Society

Once their was not much else but farms on Glom Tho. In recent years since Crimson Dawn took over the world, the population has nearly doubled and the planet exists in the modern age. No longer are the starports filled with antiquated technology and hundred year old vending machines, Crimson Dawn has spared no expense bringing many areas of the world up to speed with the “now”. The next big target for Xanxus Drol’s Crimson Dawn is the healthcare and public safety of the planet. While emergency services existed through local government, Xanxus was quoted as saying this about nationalizing the system “We have the right and responsibility, where we can do it better then the status quo. Lets do it!”

The plan to organize and manage multiple regional hospitals, fire and police services previously organized loosely by the local municipalities of the planet for some is a relief, we spoke with a manager at the new Glom Tho Emergency Services Dispatch Center which is set to be operational in the coming weeks. “This change for the people of Glom Tho unifies our commitment to the people, to keep them safe and sound” said the dispatch manager, who preferred anonymity due to the nature of her job. She also told us “This means more funding, more resources, a safer Glom Tho.”

Glom Tho Emergency Services, the proposed name of the organization, will house not only medical and other emergency response services, but also will house Crimson Dawns security division The Templar’s, overseen by Xyre ‘Sox’ Vindictus. “The Templar’s have kept our asteroid mining outposts and operations safe, now they will provide public safety to areas of Hevvrol and connecting sectors both controlled and requested, meaning if you want our help, call us!” Xanxus said.

Crimson Dawn has also cleared land for Alazhi farming, a resource used in the medical wonder bacta. “We are not quite taking over the pharmaceutical industry but we have a responsibility to provide these medicines to the people.” Said Xanxus, who showed us concept art for GTES’s anticipated lineup of products from antidotes to stimpacks.

Glom Tho Emergency Services is set to open before the end of the month, bringing stability, jobs and increased well being through organized healthcare, enforcement and more to the people of Glom Tho.