Crimson Dawn Faces Tibanna Gas Shortage, Prices Soar to 1000 Credits per Unit

Glom Tho, Hevvrol Sector – Crimson Dawn, a fledgling minor government in the Hevvrol sector, is currently grappling with a significant shortage of Tibanna gas, a crucial resource for energy and weaponry applications. This scarcity has led to a sharp increase in prices, now reaching a high 1000 credits per unit.

The shortage has been attributed to several factors, including the inability of Crimson Dawn to mine the resource directly. This situation has forced the organization to seek external suppliers, further driving up costs due to outsourcing and transportation expenses.

Impact on Operations and Economy

Tibanna gas is a vital component in the production of blaster weapons, starship weapons, and various other high-energy applications. The scarcity has not only affected Crimson Dawn’s internal operations but has also had a ripple effect on the broader economy. Businesses and individuals reliant on Tibanna gas are now facing increased operational costs, leading to higher prices for goods and services across the planet Glom Tho.

Strategic Response and Future Outlook

In response to the shortage, Crimson Dawn has initiated negotiations with several external suppliers to secure a steady flow of Tibanna gas. However, these arrangements come with a premium, reflecting the current high market demand and logistical challenges. The organization is also exploring alternative energy sources and technologies to mitigate the impact of the shortage in the long term.

Despite these efforts, the immediate future remains challenging. The high cost of Tibanna gas is expected to persist, placing additional financial pressure on Crimson Dawn and its associated entities. Crimson Dawn has a healthy stockpile at this time but has already began rationing. Boucho Orron Felth of the Department of Mineral Gifts expects prices to soar in year 26 if a direct source is not identified.

Community Reactions

The news of the Tibanna gas shortage has elicited a range of reactions from the community. Some express concern over the potential for increased conflict and instability, given the resource’s critical role in defense and security. Others see this as an opportunity for innovation and adaptation, encouraging investment in alternative technologies and resource management strategies.


As Crimson Dawn navigates this challenging period of its ascension to government status, the organization remains committed to maintaining stability and ensuring the continued prosperity of its territories. The situation underscores the importance of resource management and strategic planning in an ever-changing galactic landscape.

Glom Tho Gala: A Celebration of Unity and Progress

Glom Tho Gala: A Celebration of Unity and Progress

As the anticipation builds for the illustrious Glom Tho Gala, the heart of our community is abuzz with activity and excitement. This grand event, set to take place on Year 25, Day 364, is not only a celebration of our independence and unity but also a testament to the progress we have achieved as a society under the guidance of Crimson Dawn.

In preparation for this momentous occasion, invitations have been discreetly dispatched to 150 distinguished individuals, including 142 faction leaders whose influence and leadership span the breadth of the galaxy. These invitations promise an event of unparalleled elegance and significance, as we honor those who have contributed to the prosperity of our community and beyond. Those 142 faction leaders have the ability to decide whether they share the invite with their entire faction or just select individuals. “In time we will open the tickets up to the public … if you dont have the link to the holopage your going to have to wait till we open it up to the public in 2 months” said Xanxus Drol, High Priest of Crimson Dawn who wears the event coordinator hat among many others!

” In time we will open the tickets up to the public … if you dont have the link to the holopage your going to have to wait till we open it up to the public in 2 months”
-Xanxus Drol

Our Capital city is undergoing a magnificent transformation, with reconstruction efforts in full swing to ensure that the venue reflects the grandeur and spirit of the gala. Architects and engineers are working tirelessly to enhance the beauty and functionality of our city, creating an environment befitting the esteemed guests who will walk our streets.

In a gesture of goodwill and celebration, special edition gonk droids are being meticulously crafted to serve as gifts for our guests. These unique droids symbolize the industrious nature of our people and the technological prowess that Glom Tho has come to be known for.

The preparations for the gala extend beyond the physical renovations. Culinary experts from across the system are curating a menu that will tantalize the taste buds and showcase the rich flavors of Glom Tho. Security patrols are being briefed and readied to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees, reflecting our commitment to public safety and order.

Entertainment will be provided by renowned performers, promising a week filled with music, dance, and cultural displays that celebrate the diversity and talent of our citizens. Artisans are crafting decorations and artworks that will adorn the gala, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and cultural richness.

As we approach the date of the Glom Tho Gala, we invite the citizens of Glom Tho to join us in our excitement and pride. This event is not only a celebration of our achievements but also a beacon of hope for the future we will build together.

Stay tuned to for more updates as we count down to the first Glom Tho Gala!

Haor Chall Terror Cell Dismantled After Decline of CIS Relations

Hevvrol>Glom Tho>Glom Tho 1> In the town of Sundown, an old abandoned Rudic mining operation was swept by authorities after Crimson Dawn identified several long term residents from Kalarba with ties to the Infidel Echuu Shen-Jon, had set up a base of operations in the mine, which had been dry for years and was scheduled for demolition. This “gaggle” of people had set up what authorities can only describe as a terrorist base with weapons stockpiles and attack plans for domestic terrorism in Glom Tho as well as Soun’s Rest.

Haor Chall Engineering is the front faction for Echuu Shen-Jon, an Infidel who has stepped against the people of Glom Tho on numerous occasions that have been let go up until now do to diplomatic immunity. According to Crimson Dawn, with the Confederacies less then friendly attitude at this time such restrictions no longer apply.

When work crews overseen by the Department of Mineral Gifts came to clear the building, they were met with force by the Kalarbians who threatened force and brandished weapons. They had tattoos of the Haor Chall Logo, their is no doubt to authorities of their guilt.

Daimyo High Priest Xanxus Drol responded to the situation personally, bringing with him a small contingent of Destroyer Droids and Aak Dogs. Just this morning before approaching the mine, the High Priest delivered a powerful sermon calling out CIS and HCE for their transgressions against the people of Glom Tho.

Today’s Sermon is about fighting false accusations and about the Confederacy of Independent Systems transgressions against our kindness, we are commanded by The Many Gods to defend our name. TMG does not often command us to do anything, but it angers and offends The Many Gods when sentients are held unjustly to things they are not guilty of.TMG compels us to speak in truths and not falsehoods.

When the CIS were attacked by Son Tuul Pride, I was asked to set up a sit down as a neutral moderator by CIS, CIS’s own diplomat derailed the talks and were insulting to the other party. When CIS vendors were slain, we held a candle light vigil and spoke publicly in this very temple against STP (our friends) actions, because we did not agree with them and they went against our faith generally, although we do recognize the wants of M’dweshuu.

So now that we have made these moves in friendship apparently with some of CIS but not all, CIS has falsely accused us, they have blacklisted us, and they have offended The Many Gods, TMG collectively was furious, as this is a prime insult… to have stood on their side and been slapped in the face so carelessly.

CIS is so blinded by revenge for things we had nothing to do with, that it wont even have talks of peace with us, so be it, it is their mistake. The people of Glom Tho and otherwise who follow our faith will not be bullied into submission by “the big neutral government” who are really less neutral then we are apparently at Crimson Dawn. These insults cannot be left unchecked. We will not be pushed so easily nor do we fear.

We are commanded to stand up for ourselves, you stand tall or not at all, and TMG does not merely sit around in the face of adversity and yawn…

To refuse our diplomats and blacklist us, we know what you want, and we are coming to give it to you. Actions have consequence.. I label the Confederacy of Independent Systems as enemy of Crimson Dawn on this day publicly, by their own actions, and now we will take our own actions. If The Many Gods wish peace in the future, CIS may contact the diplomats they turned away.

Furthermore, the infidel Echuu Shen-Jon can no longer hide behind diplomatic immunity as CIS has proven we are not friends. Haor Chall Engineering and Echuu, The Many Gods wraith starts with you, you who took my now 2ic’s light saber as a young force user almost a decade ago because he was supposedly not wise enough to hold it, who mistreated and abused their people,and who stages warships against Glom Tho during peacetime. We have allowed your transgressions long enough, a disgusting figure in the galaxy we will cleanse.

As an infidel, Haor Chall Engineering’s people should be liberated, and its combatants, if any, who lift arms against us slain without mercy, for in times of war we ask the darker Gods like M’dweshuu to favor us over our adversaries. Fighting the Infidel is a blessed actvity. WE will bring forth to freedom those who put down their weapons, for they follow their idol blind to our truth, one which they may come to see.

We have been too peaceful for too long, that the bigger fish wish to gobble us up now… no, we will fight back the tides. The warrior spirit rides with us now. Praise be to Them

The Temple HoloServer

The Sermon was delivered virtually via the Temple Holoserver, Crimson Dawns main communication channel with the people of not only Glom Tho but the galaxy at large. The sermon took place at Year 25 Day 104 at 700 hours Galactic Standard Time. The raid on the mine took place shortly after the decree of infidel status.

The terrorists were executed by the Aak dogs and left to rot in the mine, set to be demolished. “Echuu’s malicious intent has always been clear, with his war ships he stages on the borders of Glom Tho System, and his monitoring satellites, and just as tensions are heating up, we find these infidels plotting in an old mine! They wished to make their position clear, so shall we.” said Xanxus to reporters as he left Sundown.

A Modern Society

Once their was not much else but farms on Glom Tho. In recent years since Crimson Dawn took over the world, the population has nearly doubled and the planet exists in the modern age. No longer are the starports filled with antiquated technology and hundred year old vending machines, Crimson Dawn has spared no expense bringing many areas of the world up to speed with the “now”. The next big target for Xanxus Drol’s Crimson Dawn is the healthcare and public safety of the planet. While emergency services existed through local government, Xanxus was quoted as saying this about nationalizing the system “We have the right and responsibility, where we can do it better then the status quo. Lets do it!”

The plan to organize and manage multiple regional hospitals, fire and police services previously organized loosely by the local municipalities of the planet for some is a relief, we spoke with a manager at the new Glom Tho Emergency Services Dispatch Center which is set to be operational in the coming weeks. “This change for the people of Glom Tho unifies our commitment to the people, to keep them safe and sound” said the dispatch manager, who preferred anonymity due to the nature of her job. She also told us “This means more funding, more resources, a safer Glom Tho.”

Glom Tho Emergency Services, the proposed name of the organization, will house not only medical and other emergency response services, but also will house Crimson Dawns security division The Templar’s, overseen by Xyre ‘Sox’ Vindictus. “The Templar’s have kept our asteroid mining outposts and operations safe, now they will provide public safety to areas of Hevvrol and connecting sectors both controlled and requested, meaning if you want our help, call us!” Xanxus said.

Crimson Dawn has also cleared land for Alazhi farming, a resource used in the medical wonder bacta. “We are not quite taking over the pharmaceutical industry but we have a responsibility to provide these medicines to the people.” Said Xanxus, who showed us concept art for GTES’s anticipated lineup of products from antidotes to stimpacks.

Glom Tho Emergency Services is set to open before the end of the month, bringing stability, jobs and increased well being through organized healthcare, enforcement and more to the people of Glom Tho.

Heralding Peace In The Most Trying of Times

Heralding Peace In The Most Trying of Times

While the Son-Tuul Pride celebrates its victories in the Morobe sector, Crimson Dawn has other ideas. High Priest Xanxus Drol, who interprets and speaks on matters of faith, has made it clear that trade is a holy act, and has denounced the Son-Tuul Prides assaults on numerous CIS affiliated vendors as well as at least one Blue Star vendor.

Xanxus Drol had this to say to the press at Glom Tho, “Of all people, we have a strong animosity to Blue Star, but we do not condone these attacks, nor this methodology of accomplishing ones goals.” Xanxus paused before continuing “There is a place and time for violence, we find it not to be during trade.”

Xanxus called for the people of Glom Tho to come out in force, for a candlelight vigil for the deaths of several merchants and other personnel, including but not limited to a Troikia Medical merchant. The deaths come as Son-Tuul Pride wages war against One Nation Under Jou in the greater Morobe region.

Son-Tuul Pride, like Crimson Dawn, was granted independence recently from the Zann Consortium Government, and while Crimson Dawn describes itself as allies with Son-Tuul Pride, it is clear that the actions taken are not supported by the religious group.

“They are following their way, we are following ours, and ours is such that we are commanded by The Many Gods to look down upon these killings and we will do our part to affect change so they stop happening” Xanxus said at the vigil

Crimson Dawn Presents Lantillies Travel Plaza:Now Open, Trade and Research Hub

[Hevvrol, Glom Tho, Glom Tho 1] – Crimson Dawn, a leading force in the galactic commerce landscape, is thrilled to introduce the Lantillies “Travel Plaza.” This innovative establishment is a testament to our dedication to fostering prosperity, trade, and knowledge sharing throughout the galaxy.

About The Lantillies Travel Plaza:

The Lantillies “Travel Plaza” is not your typical space station, in fact, its two stations; it’s a pioneering concept designed to redefine the way we approach commerce and research. Merging the best of both worlds, this facility combines a cutting-edge Trade Station with a state-of-the-art Research Station, offering a one-of-a-kind space where trade, innovation, and community flourish.

Key Features:

  1. Trade Opportunities: Access the NPC Market
  2. Research and Discovery: Upload your hyperlane data
  3. Vendor Integration: Check out our Crimson Dawn Vendor, the main vendor on the Trade Station sells all our products, while the secondary vendor on the Research Station sells a more limited stock including our R2 Astromechs. Want to set up a vendor, the more the merrier contact Xanxus Drol to set up.
  4. Galactic Connectivity: Conveniently located at the crossroads of major trade routes, the Lantillies Travel Plaza ensures easy access for travelers from every corner of the galaxy. Whether you’re a business owner or an inquisitive researcher, this facility welcomes you with open arms.

A Vision for the Future:

At Crimson Dawn, we envision the Lantillies Travel Plaza as a beacon of cooperation and ingenuity. It represents our commitment to the galactic community. This is not just another space station; it’s a symbol of our dedication to making the galaxy a better place for all.

More Travel Plazas are in development, news to follow

Glom Tho Mercantile Acquires Trade Station in Maldra System, Outmaneuvering Rival Norvik

Glom Tho Mercantile Acquires Trade Station in Maldra System, Outmaneuvering Rival Norvik

Maldra System, Shadola – Glom Tho Mercantile, a subsidiary of the Crimson Dawn Group and a key player in the commerce sector, has secured control of the Trade Station in the Maldra System, following a startling turn of events involving rival trade company Norvik. The acquisition of this strategically positioned station has set a new course for Glom Tho Mercantile’s expansion plans, outmaneuvering their competitors.

Contrary to initial reports by the Rebel Alliance, the victim of the heist, the rival trade company Norvik, lost more then just credits. The Trade Station in the Maldra System, a vital trade hub, fell prey to an audacious heist orchestrated by Tor Giidyc, a cunning operative but not a Defiler as previously reported. Giidyc managed to seize control of the Trade Company, leaving Norvik reeling from the unexpected blow.

In a surprising twist, the stolen station as well as some Commerce Centers were then offered as a gift to Xanxus Drol, a key figure in the galactic trade network going all the way back to his original trading company The Guild Bank over a decade ago. Xanxus Drol redirected the assets to Glom Tho Mercantile, a move that caught the attention of the trade community and raised eyebrows about the covert dynamics at play within the sector. Tor’s stated reason was that he wanted the trade station to be useable again.

The Trade Station’s acquisition underscores Glom Tho Mercantile’s shrewdness and determination to navigate the intricate landscape of galactic trade. The Maldra System, boasting critical location and thriving trade routes, serves as an advantageous platform for the company to bolster its position within the area,

“This acquisition represents a strategic advancement for Glom Tho Mercantile,” remarked a spokesperson for the company. “We remain committed to fostering free trade, we will not comment on how well Norvik did managing the property but we feel its in better hands with us, we will bring it new life by installing vendors and other amenities!”

The revelation of the theft has triggered varied reactions within the trade community, with some lauding Glom Tho Mercantile’s resourcefulness in taking control. However, questions about the ethics surrounding the redirection of assets linger, emphasizing the complexities inherent in the world of interstellar commerce.

Xanxus Drol, the owner of the Crimson Dawn Group, denies knowledge of Tor’s actions prior to them happening, stating “He did what he did, and offered them to us as a leading provider of market access sites. We have contacted the system authorities about putting in a Research station to accompany the station but they have fallen silent to our communications thus far.” 

When questioned about the ethics behind receiving the station after it was stolen from Norvik, Xanxus broke out into an almost song like routine, stating “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, to collect all the trade stations is my real test, filling them with vendors is my cause!” 

Backed by the formidable Crimson Dawn Group, Glom Tho Mercantile is expected to invest substantially in the Trade Station, optimizing its operations and expanding its services to benefit the broader galactic trade network. As the galaxy continues to watch, the Trade Station in the Maldra System embarks on a new chapter under its new administration, signifying a turning point in the ongoing saga of commerce and rivalry.

Glom Tho Mechanicals Launches the GTM.2X: Redefining Power Droid Technology and Phasing Out GTM.1X

Glom Tho Mechanicals Launches the GTM.2X: Redefining Power Droid Technology and Phasing Out GTM.1X

Glom Tho Mechanicals, a subsidiary of the esteemed Crimson Dawn Group, is thrilled to introduce the GTM.2X, the latest evolution in power droid technology designed to become the new industry standard. This groundbreaking model, designed with innovation and efficiency in mind, marks a significant advancement over its predecessor, the GTM.1X, and owes its success to the superior craftsmanship of Grand Droidsmith Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa.

The GTM.1X, the initial variant of the GNK Power Droid produced by Glom Tho Mechanicals, has served its purpose admirably but is now set to make way for the GTM.2X. This new model represents a paradigm shift in power droid design, boasting a sleeker frame and a host of other upgrades that elevate its performance and versatility to new heights.

Key Features of the GTM.2X:

  1. Streamlined Design: The GTM.2X features a sleeker and more aerodynamic design, enhancing its mobility and efficiency. The compact frame allows for improved maneuverability in tight spaces and increased stability on uneven terrain.
  2. Enhanced Power Generation: Building on the success of the GTM.1X, the GTM.2X offers even greater power generation capacity. It can provide a consistent and robust energy supply for a wide range of industrial and energy-related applications.
  3. Intuitive Interface: The GTM.2X is equipped with a user-friendly interface that simplifies programming and monitoring of power output. Its intuitive controls ensure that users can harness its power generation capabilities with ease.
  4. Adaptive Technology: This model is designed to adapt seamlessly to various power input sources, making it compatible with a diverse range of energy generators and converters. Its adaptability ensures a smooth integration into existing systems.
  5. Durability and Reliability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the GTM.2X is built to withstand demanding environmental conditions and extended operational periods without compromising performance, ensuring reliability in critical applications.
  6. Its just damn sexy! Just look at the image below that was included in the press release and drool!

The GTM.2X signifies Glom Tho Mechanicals’ unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge droid solutions across industries. As the new standard model, it represents a pivotal step forward in the company’s pursuit of excellence, a journey guided by the visionary droidcraft of Grand Droidsmith Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa.

“We are proud to introduce the GTM.2X, which embodies our dedication to innovation and efficiency,” stated a representative from Glom Tho Mechanicals. “This model is not merely an upgrade but a revolution in power droid technology. It will redefine the way industries approach power generation and droid utilization, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary expertise of Grand Droidsmith Scrap.”

The phased transition from the GTM.1X to the GTM.2X reflects Glom Tho Mechanicals’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of droid design and setting new industry benchmarks. Customers and partners can now embrace this cutting-edge technology and harness its capabilities for improved efficiency and productivity.

The GTM.2X is available for immediate procurement and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of various industries. For more information or to inquire about acquisition, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

About Glom Tho Mechanicals: Glom Tho Mechanicals, a subsidiary of the Crimson Dawn Group, is a leading manufacturer of advanced droids and robotic solutions among other industries including consumer electronics. The company is dedicated to innovation and quality, continually advancing droid technology to enhance efficiency across diverse industries.

Glom Tho Mechanicals’ Grand Droidsmith ‘Scrap’ and Enigmatic Art Designer ‘Giggles’ Unveil Revolutionary “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid” in Striking Purple Design

Glom Tho Mechanicals’ Grand Droidsmith ‘Scrap’ and Enigmatic Art Designer ‘Giggles’ Unveil Revolutionary “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid” in Striking Purple Design

Glom Tho, Planet Glom Tho – In a dazzling display of artistic innovation and technical prowess, Glom Tho Mechanicals’ Grand Droidsmith Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa has joined forces with an enigmatic art-savvy designer and droid enthusiast with the Unnamed Group known only as ‘Giggles.’ The dynamic duo has unveiled a revolutionary new model of the iconic GNK Power Droid, dubbed the “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid,” which promises to set a new standard in the realm of droid aesthetics.

Renowned for their expertise in crafting cutting-edge droid technology, Glom Tho Mechanicals has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation. The “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid” stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to blending functionality and captivating designs in perfect harmony.

“As business owners myself and Lucifer of the Unnamed Group are good friends, they operate on a neutral playing field that enables them to do lots of cool things with many diverse groups such as Crimson Dawn and our Glom Tho companies. This is a really great collaboration from both of our staff.” Said Xanxus Drol, owner of Crimson Dawn and its associated subsidies (Glom Tho Mechanicals)

The collaborative endeavor between Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa and ‘Giggles’ brought forth a masterpiece that exudes a vibrant aura with its striking purple design. Despite the droid’s sleek appearance, it remains a reliable workhorse, maintaining the iconic functionality that has made the GNK Power Droid a beloved presence in countless environments across the galaxy.

“‘Giggles’ has an uncanny talent for combining artistry and droid fascination. Together, we aimed to create a Gonk Droid that not only serves its purpose but also adds a touch of flair to its surroundings,” said Scrap, speaking with pride about the collaboration. “The result is the ‘Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid,’ a true work of art that pays homage to both functionality and aesthetics.”

‘Giggles,’ whose true identity remains a well-guarded secret, is celebrated for their unique perspective on droid design. This collaboration marks their first foray into the commercial market, and the ‘Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid’ is set to become a collector’s item sought after by art enthusiasts and droid aficionados alike.

The unveiling of the “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid” has sent ripples of excitement throughout the galaxy, and pre-orders would be pouring in but the company simply is not taking them, stating it will be a limited edition available through vendors and via select markets only. As anticipation builds, Glom Tho Mechanicals is gearing up for a grand release event, however has not set a date in stone as of this reporting.

With the “Giggles™ Edition Gonk Droid,” Glom Tho Mechanicals continues to redefine the boundaries of droid craftsmanship, setting a shining example of what happens when visionary minds unite to shape the future of droid design. The launch of this exquisite creation promises to be a momentous occasion that celebrates the artistry and passion that breathe life into the galaxy’s most beloved droids.

Manumissioned Droids in Glom Tho’s City of Khont: Half of The Residents Are Droids

Glom Tho, Planet Glom Tho – In a groundbreaking societal shift, the city of Khont on the planet Glom Tho has become a hub for manumissioned droids, offering them the opportunity to work common jobs in exchange for credits. This paradigm-shifting initiative is redefining the concept of labor in the galaxy and fostering a unique integration between droids and organic beings.

Manumission, the process of granting freedom and civil rights to droids, has gained widespread momentum across the planet Glom Tho. In the city of Khont, manumissioned droids are now able to participate in the workforce, taking up common jobs that range from customer service roles to skilled craftsmanship. Manumissioned droids are a protected class of citizen on the planet Glom Tho, and their are already government (Crimson Dawn) programs designed to accommodate them with housing and service/repair in exchange for labor.

“We believe that manumissioned droids are capable of making meaningful contributions to society,” stated Laria Vos, the visionary mayor of Khont. “Through this initiative, we are creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, leveraging the unique skills and talents that droids possess.”

One of the driving forces behind this initiative is the desire to challenge preconceptions about droids and their place in the workforce. By embracing the idea of manumission and offering equal opportunities to all sentient beings, the city of Khont is fostering a sense of unity and mutual respect among its inhabitants.

The program has received resounding support from citizens and businesses alike. Organic and droid employees are reporting positive experiences working alongside each other, finding the partnership to be both rewarding and enriching.

“The manumissioned droids bring a level of efficiency and precision to our workforce that is truly remarkable,” said Caden Voss, the owner of a Khont-based manufacturing firm. “Their contributions have elevated our productivity and bolstered our reputation for delivering top-quality products.”

The success of this pioneering initiative has sparked discussions in neighboring planets and systems, with many looking to Glom Tho as an example of progressive coexistence between organics and droids. As the project continues to evolve, Glom Tho’s city of Khont aims to be a trailblazer in shaping a future where manumissioned droids play an integral role in society, embracing a world where sentient beings of all kinds unite in common purpose.